Kiinde Twist Pouch Breast Milk Storage Bags for Pumping, Freezing, and Feeding

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  • DIRECT-PUMP, FREEZE, HEAT AND FEED: Pump directly into Kiinde Twist Pouches by attaching them to your breast pump using our twist-locking adapters. Afterward, screw on the cap and store it in the refrigerator or freezer. To prepare the milk for your baby, use our Kozii bottle warmer to thaw and warm the milk. Our bags snap into the Kiinde Squeeze Natural Feeding Bottle, allowing you to feed your little one directly from the pouch using our Active Latch nipples.
  • THREADED CAPS ELIMINATE MILK LEAKS: Unlike regular zipper breast milk storage bags, Kiinde Twist Pouches feature threaded caps to keep your milk safe. You can safely transfer your milk from work to home in our cooler without worrying about leakage. Kiinde Twist Pouches will also stay secure in a bottle warmer such as the Kozii. Completely eliminate the need to transfer milk from bottles to bags and back again.
  • PRE-STERILIZED AND RECYCLABLE MATERIALS: Nursing mothers are busy enough without having to wash bottles every day. For that reason our breast milk storage bags are environmentally friendly and recyclable. The Kiinde breast milk storage system allows you to pump, store, and feed all from the same milk storage bag. All you need to wash is the nipple.
  • MEASUREMENTS DIRECTLY ON THE POUCH: It is important to know how much milk your baby or toddler is drinking, especially when you are exclusively pumping (or even if you are just pumping a lot!). Kiinde Twist Pouches include markings so you can accurately monitor your child’s intake. Our squeeze pouch is also designed to pack flat, saving you precious freezer space. Available in 6 oz and 8 oz sizes.
  • PRE-STERILIZED BAGS FOR SAFETY: We know how difficult it can be to sterilize each time you prepare a bottle for your little one. We also value safety when it comes to baby products. That is why our Twist pouches are pre-sterilized to ensure minimum introduction of germs and other impurities. Keeping your milk in the same bag for pumping, storing, and feeding is also a great way to minimize contamination.

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